Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wanna Book a New Delhi Hotel Package? Follow These Pointers To Crack a Good Deal

Looking at the average income of a person living in Europe and America, India travel is always a cheap affair. Cracking a good deal for a New Delhi hotel can be a harrowing task especially if you are not a native of India. Moreover if you are a first time visitor, you might end up getting swindled for high package rates charged by local tour operators. I’m sure many of you must be looking for a solution or criteria of booking a good hotel package at an acceptable price. To tell you the fact, I personally had an experience of dealing with a local tour operator. To my luck, I was saved by getting fleeced by Indian tour operators. Read the pointers given below to understand how to deal like a local.

Mention your Indian connection, if not, imitate to have one
While dealing with a local Indian tour operator, always mention about the Indian connection you have such as a friend, relative or acquaintance. This would serve as an unspoken warning to the person and he will think twice before offering you unreasonable rates. Tell him that you’ve been to India before to a particular destination say Rajasthan. When it comes to India, connections play a vital role in getting a good deal.

Crosscheck package rates with different tour operators
In India, bargaining is a must if you want to crack the right deal. For that you’ll have to go online and google ‘New Delhi hotel package’. You will find various search results of different tour operators. Crosscheck package rates with inclusions and exclusions on different sites.  Now when you contact your tour operators, tell him that this other one is offering lower rates than him.  Don’t mention price that is too low otherwise you’ll end up loosing the deal.

Never disclose your tour plan in the first place
Always make it a point of not disclosing about your tour plan in the first place. This would eventually increase the package cost. Always start with the basic necessity such as accommodation, meals and airfare. The chances are higher that your operator might suggest something better than your expectation and within your budget as well such as sightseeing excursion and airport transfer.

I won’t promise you that these pointers will help you crack the right deal but they will definitely save you from getting conned by a tour operator

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